A cozy and spacious home is everybody’s fantasy; unfortunately not all households can afford big and spacious houses, most often families settle for humble sized homes because those are the only ones that fit their budgets. But even small to medium sized houses deserve to be decorated and organized. Limited space need not be a hindrance in beautifying one’s home; there are many alternative options you just have to look around and you will see countless ways to make your home cosier and larger you’ll never realize that you have limited space.

Finding the right pieces of furniture is your first big step to countering the dilemmas of narrow areas in your home. There are pieces of furniture that works in several ways and there are those which are made specifically for homes like yours; either way they can help you design your home in many wonderful ways. The bedroom for example is always in need of beds and beds as we know occupy large spaces, often the bedroom is just the bed, the closet and then a table. As the bed is necessary for all homes, it is not necessary for the bed to eat up floor area when not in use. What I’m talking about is the wall bed; wall beds were once dubbed the saving grace of small houses, apartments and condo units. Because it can be tucked in the wall (thus its name – wall bed) you can use its space for other pieces of furniture or other activities during the day, at night all you have to do is stretch if and you instantly have your bed. The wall beds give you the freedom to manipulate the space in your home, imagine having a bed that comes only when you need it and when you want it, doesn’t that sound great?

Our partners offer a variety of wall beds that will surely do wonders for you, your family and your very home. Our partners’ wall beds are easy to assemble, giving you minimal problems tucking it in and stretching it out. These beds are also made with spring-lift mechanisms which make your wall bed long-wearing. Our partners also give you the option to choose whether you’ll have a vertical or horizontal bed; that way you can find a wall bed that fits the size of your room and the space in your home.

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