Many of us dream of having a big house to live in so one can place whatever it is that he or she desires; be it a majestic sofa set, an elegant twelve-seater dining table or a luxurious king size bed perhaps an Olympic size swimming pool or a lush garden that would rival that of the movies. When it comes to houses, space is luxury. For most households, space is usually a problem: how to fit four children in one room, how to shrink a study table, closet, book shelf and a queen size bed in a small bedroom, how to suit a living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining area in a 28 sq. Meter flat, all these questions and many more are the usual dilemmas of most households today. Fortunately, the saying that “every problem has its solution” is true. Despite the limited space, your home can still be an eye candy and with the right pieces of furniture and design, your home sweet home can even be featured in the magazines.

It all begins with the proper outlook – focus on the things you can change and accept those aspects which you can do nothing about. Given that your house has a small floor area, you can start by picking pieces of furniture that maximizes space. There are a good number of furniture that can double the size of your house through their function and design, the high sleeper bed is a very good example. This is like a double deck bed only its lower portion is not composed of a bed instead it’s either a shelf, drawer or it’s a hollow space. It gives you the room for extra storage and for pieces of furniture that you might need in your bedroom like a study table or a sofa. The high sleeper bed maximizes the space in your home because it is a bed on top of something else, its lower portion can practically be anything you want it to be. It’s having a bed that doesn’t eat space instead gives you more.

Our partners specialize in high sleeper beds. Since they know and understand the universal need for a good night’s sleep, they created a bed that provides superb comfort and support, extra durable and space efficient thus the High Sleeper bed. If you are a growing family this will do wonders for your kids as they can use the lower portion as drawers or shelves or even as a study area. If you live in a flat, then this will give you the extra space you have always wanted and the best part is, you don’t need to pay additional.

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