Millbrook Beds

A good sleep can really work miracles. That is the reason why it becomes so necessary to make sure you sleep on a bed that’s just best for you, your posture and how you position yourself when resting.

Millbrook Beds understand how individual you are and, somewhere in the all-inclusive Millbrook Beds range, there’ll be the ideal bed with your name on it. Their Beds are designed and made to the highest standard, to offer you the most relaxing and refreshing nights sleep you have ever experienced.

Millbrook have been running for over sixty years. In this time their name has become associated with the creation of prime quality products by expert artisans. Each bed is handcrafted and each experience is based primarily on a basic understanding of the ‘Science of Sleep.

As the major U.K. manufacturer of pocket spring beds, the Millbrook range includes divan sets, mattresses, action and alterable beds together with ‘zip & link’ mattress sets.

The advantages of a Millbrook Bed are clear. Each morning you may feel healthy, fresh and bursting with energy to take on the new day. You will feel recharged and relaxed because, not only will your body get each chance to get over it’s physical efforts, but sleep is shown to play a major role in maintaining the right levels in our cognitive abilities like speech, memory, creativity and flexible thinking. Put simply, sleep plays a serious role in brain development. And when you’re feeling this good, what better platform to explore the activities and opportunities which each new day presents? And it’s cyclical – getting masses of clean air and exercise and following a good diet all make a contribution to improving sleep quality, and so does your selection of bed, which in turn gives you the energy to get up and out again, and again! Hence your Millbrook Bed will deliver way more than a good night’s rest. It’ll change the way in which you approach the old I am not a morning person chestnut. We spend a 3rd of our lives sleeping. It is time to get thinking about how it’s possible to get the most from the other two-thirds. If you feel this beautiful, the possibilities are you can give it your best shot!

Simmons Beds & Mattresses

Since 1870, Simmons has developed into a worldwide, leading manufacturer of high standard beds and mattresses. Through its history, Simmons has stayed committed to helping individuals attain a better quality of sleep through a pro-active development of sleep technology. This has led to plenty of today’s advances in Simmons ‘ current range of quality beds and mattresses, each and every one of which provide outstanding support and comfort for a more fit life.

Simmons ‘ success has given the company standing as one of the largest bed brands across America, and a leading name throughout Europe and the United Kingdom.

A few pointers for purchasing a Simmons mattress:

One. Pick a size. Are you purchasing a mattress by itself or as a set? Think what you will be using the mattress for in the future years. Plan ahead for partners, pets, youngsters, for example. Simmons mattresses come in a selection of sizes. These are our most typical : Twin : 38 x 75, Full : 53 x seventy five, Queen : sixty x eighty, King : 76 x eighty,

Two. Select a comfort level. Essentially , you would like a well-built mattress that gives you both great support and top value for your cash. A good, powerful coil support system will help your back. Additional Firm, Standard Firm, Cushiony and Plush, Additional Plush

Three. Keep your height and weight under consideration. If your height and weight are average, you may have a less complicated time determining your chosen firmness.

Four. Have back agony? Be certain to pay a bit more for a higher quality mattress. Your GP can counsel you.

Five. Do you sleep on your back or your side? Many folks say their mattresses feel firmer when they sleep on their side. Do the same when you test out a mattress in the store. And spend a while on assorted mattresses to find out which one suits you most perfectly.

Six. Think how much you need to spend. Buying a fair mattress is like buying a fair sound system. A better quality mattress is mostly acquired at a bigger price. Nonetheless price isn’t everything. Concentrate on the models that suit your requirements best.

Silentnight Beds

For the best price and highest quality in bedding, Silentnight is the definite leader in Britain. For over half a century, Silentnight has been providing both consumers and commercial operations with lush, yet reasonably priced mattresses that fit on a range of bed bases and divans.

Utilising the most recent technology and a remarkable research and developmental department, Silentnight is really at the forefront of UK bed manufacturing. But what kind of bed is the best for you?

There are that many options on the market, you could be puzzled as to where to begin when you’re prepared to buy a new bed. Here’s a guide to a couple of the hottest models from Silentnight.

The benefits of memory foam material: If you’re concerned to try out the latest material, visco elastic, then there are 2 great options offered by Silentnight. At the very top of the line is the Memory Comfort mattress. At a marginally lower price, you’ll find the Memory Sleep model.

Both these mattresses are constructed with a full twenty-five centimetres and fifty five kg / m of fire retardant memory material filling. Many bedding firms don’t offer this depth. They also utilise Silentnight’s exclusive Miracoil technology with the memory material. This cage sprung system is assembled from one long, constant coil that runs vertically throughout the mattress. This provides superior support for a sleeper of any size versus the normal horizontally placed springs. With memory material, you never need to turn the mattress.

Both the Memory Comfort and the Memory Sleep models feature a micro-quilted, knitted stretch fabric cover that just adds to their luxurious feel. The difference between the 2 lies in the addition of memory material surrounding the mattress. You’ll find the Memory Comfort has additional visco elastic on top. The Miracoil Sleep and Ortho Sleep Beds : For anybody on the cheap, either of these fine models still offers phenomenal comfort for the cost. Both employ the Miracoil technology from Silentnight.

Each is freely full of layers of fluffy and soft polyester. Maybe the biggest difference is the depth of the mattress. While the Ortho Sleep is 22 centimetres in depth, the Miracoil Sleep adds another 3 centimetres. The Miracoil Sleep is graced with a sumptuous hand-tufted cover while the Ortho Sleep benefits from a micro-quilted knit fabric. The Miracoil Sleep model would make the ultimate addition to your own bedroom.

The Ortho Sleep bed could be the perfect choice for your guest bedroom. Do not forget that there’s also the Pocket Sleep mattress to think about. Whatever your position, size needs, or kind of support, you are certain to find a Silentnight mattress that’s exactly right. All are back by a full one year satisfaction guarantee and a four- or five-year guaranty backed by the manufacturer.

Slumberland Beds

Since 1919 Slumberland have been manufacturing high quality beds and mattresses which give people a well rested and rejuvenating night’s sleep. Slumberland beds and mattresses come in a huge range of sizes, styles and levels of firmness so you can find the ideal sleeping solution for your needs. Discover in this impartial review, which of these 5 best Slumberland products available, is right for you, your bedroom, back and budget.

1. Monaco Latex Double Divan

If you really want to treat yourself and experience night after night of restful sleep then this double divan from the Monaco range is a luxurious place to rest your head. The double Monaco Latex Mattress has a sprung edge base with has 1800 pocket springs which are designed to distribute weight and ease pressure. The Monaco Latex mattress of this bed has a pocket sprung system which has latex layers on top for a comfortable finish.

2. Gold Seal Super King Size Divan

Indulge yourself and splash out on this deluxe Gold Seal item and you will be investing in a luxurious addition to your bedroom. This Gold Seal may be just under a thousand pounds but it offers one of the best bed and mattress combinations available. The Gold Seal mattress features 2400 Series Double Posture Springing which offers excellent levels of support as the mattress has up to seven times more springs than regular mattresses. As well as multiple springs, the Slumberland Gold Seal mattress also has layers of luxurious materials such as wool and silk for ultimate comfort.

3. Coral Seal Latex Single Divan

Single beds are not everyone’s first choice but if you have a small bedroom or require a guest bed then investing in a single bed such as the Coral Seal is a wise choice as it will ensure many nights of restful sleep. This single features a Miracoil sprung divan base for added support and a latex mattress which has layers of soft cotton. As with most Slumberland single divans, this product can be purchased with draws underneath to save even more space.

4. Bronze Seal Small Double

If space is at a premium in your bedroom but you still want the benefits of a double bed then Bronze Seal Small Double Divan is ideal. This small double divan is six inches narrower than a regular double but what it lacks in size it makes up for in comfort. The Microquilt design of this divan has up to three times more springs than a regular mattress, making it a supportive and soft place to sleep.

5. Quartz Ortho Seal Double Divan

Even if you have a tight budget you can still experience the joy of sleeping on a Slumberland double bed with this Quartz Ortho Seal. This double divan features a low maintenance, reversible mattress and both bed and mattress cost just over GBP300.

Sleepeezee Beds

Sleepeezee are one of the best known bed brands in the UK and the company has been making innovative and high quality beds for over 80 years. This experience combined with visionary designs means that Sleepeezee are experts at producing luxurious beds which ensure you have a relaxing night’s sleep.

Here is your expert guide to 5 of the best Sleepeezee beds available to help you choose which of these beds is the ideal one for your needs:

1. Backcare Ultimate 2000 King Size Divan Bed

Sleepeezee are famous for developing beds which are designed to ease the pain a bad back can cause. The Backcare Ultimate 2000 king size divan bed has a strong and dense spring system featuring 2000 pocket springs which are topped off with multiple layers of luxury material including silk and pure wool which provides a sturdy but comfortable finish. The Backcare king size bed has enough space for you to really stretch out and find the ideal sleeping position.

2. Touch New Generation 1200 Single Divan Bed

The Sleepeezee Touch range incorporates memory foam which is a pressure sensitive top layer on the mattress which forms around your body shape for maximum comfort and support. This Touch New Generation 1200 single divan bed is an affordable and super comfortable bed as the mattress features 1200 pocket springs as well as the memory foam top layer.

3. Baroness 2000 Super King Size Divan Bed

This luxurious Baroness 2000 super king size divan bed features 2000 pocketed springs covered in layers of wool and silk fillings for an amazingly comfortable finish. The Baroness mattress is highly robust thanks to the four rows of side stitching and quality viscose damask cover and as the mattress is so sturdy, it will never need turning and is very easy to care for.

4. Superb Adjustable Sleepeezee Bed

If you have difficulty getting in and out of bed or sitting up in bed then the adjustable Sleepeezee bed range is the ideal way for you to have more flexibility. The adjustable bed range can be bought as individual beds or two singles and can be zipped together so both you and your partner can benefit from the bed’s changeable positions. For added ease of use the range of adjustable beds come complete with a corded remote control.

5. Visco Pocket 1400 Super King Size Divan Bed

The outstanding Visco Pocket 1400 super king size divan bed features 1400 pocketed springs and a tufted memory foam mattress which means although this mattress is sturdy it still moulds to your body and provides excellent levels of comfort. The Visco mattress has two rows of side stitching for a robust finish so the mattress never needs to be turned and will last for many years.

Dunlopillo: ‘The Natural Way To Sleep’

While a great percentage of our population thinks and believes that diet and regular exercise complete the concept of healthy living, they’re actually wrong; the missing link is sleep. As sleep is a biological need of man, one cannot simply set it aside and make it optional. And a good night’s sleep is only attainable if you have a bed that can complement the needs and curves of your body. Dunlopillo has been in the beds and beddings industry and they have made good night’s sleep possible for countless people and households, to this day they remain faithful to the vocation of providing quality beds made with the best materials and very comfortable to use.

Dunlopillo has the Luxury Latex Collection which is composed of nine types of beds. Each type of bed offers a distinct feature that revolutionizes the concept of beds and sleeping. The Coronation is made of a 20 cm. 100 % latex core which provides exceptional support, its 5 cm luxury layer of 7 zone Celsion latex in the pillow top also offers incomparable comfort. The Millennium is the most advanced in temperature control because it is combination of Celsion and Smartcel Clima. This bed is traditionally hand tufted and its 100%latex mattress is made of more than 1000 individual pocket springs. The Memoir also has the combined technology of Smartcel Clima and Celsion which gives you a consistent body temperature throughout the night. It comes with either pocket sprung base or sprung timber. The Orchid is made of 100% Dunlopillo Talalay 5 – zone Latex to provide long –lasting comfort. It is upholstered in the Coolmaz fabric; it comes with either the sprung edge or sprung timbre base which gives you the option to choose which level of support will work best for you. Meanwhile, the Celeste model is quilted with Coolmax cover with over a 5 –zone 100%latex core. Like the Orchid, you can choose between sprung edge and sprung timber for its base. The Royal Sovereign has a distinct royal feel because of its 100% Dunlopillo Talalay Latex. It is quilted with Coolmax cover and is available in either sprung edge or sprung timber base which comes with a drawer that gives you additional storage space. The Nouveau is continentally styled and is specially designed to work with adjustable base and sprung edge base. It is made with Coolmax yarn to guarantee a good night’s sleep. The Diamond and Firmrest is made of 100% Talalay Latex interior which gives you maximum comfort. It gives you the option to choose between the sprung edge base or a firmer feel sprung timber which both gives you extra storage space. It also has a five section electrical adjustable option which offers knee-bend and telescopic head setting. And finally, the Kingston latex mattress which is very affordable maintains the signature Dunlopillo comfort. It is made with 100% latex interior and is upholstered with a luxury sketch fabric. It is available as a sprung edge divan with elective drawers.

Dream Beds: Britain’s Leading Bed Specialist

When a person is asked about what his or her goal in life is, the answer “to buy my dream house” or “to build my dream home” is always provided. In the heart of hearts of many people, the home is very important as it is one’s personal sanctuary. It is no doubt that it takes years for that dream house to be built as one would like to have it perfected. So while you are still saving for your dream house, bring home you’re dream bed today and that will be a good start building not only your dream home but most importantly your future.

The importance of beds in any household is very high. A home cannot be a home without it as it as one of the key features of any house; both guests and house owners look forward to sleeping and relaxing. And since the bedroom is one of the most private parts of the house, it is also your personal refuge; a place where you keep all your important belongings and your most valued possessions. The bedroom is often a reflection of yourself. You spend a third of your life sleeping; each and every day you have to sleep, don’t you think that you should be bringing home your dream bed by now?

Our partners are leaders in the beds and beddings industry, they have been the favourite of majority of British households for several decades now. As their brand speaks of high quality and durability, more and more people entrust their sleeping experience to our partners. As gratitude to this trust, our partners continue to craft, improve and innovate different types of beds and beddings making sure that all needs of different people are taken care of. This is why they created the dream beds; when you go to a hotel or a resort you feel like their beds are very comfortable to use that you just don’t want to get up. Now our partners would like to make sure that this wonderful experience can be taken home; giving you the pleasure of sleeping in a bed that is everything you ever wanted. Our partners ‘dream beds are made with only the beast quality of materials, you are sure that these beds are not only durable but provides sturdy support for the user. Our partners also made sure that the dream beds will come in different sizes and designs, to cater to the various preferences of people.

Benson Beds: Choose The best and Sleep Better than the Rest!

You spend a third of your life sleeping, what reason do you not have for investing in a high quality bed? The benefits of a comfortable bed are enormous – its effects are beyond relaxation because a great deal of your productivity is dependent on it. As a good night’s sleep is determined by a bed that matches your needs and physical curves, your energy level is determined by the quality of sleep that you get. If you were able to sleep properly chances are you’d be energized the whole day resulting to increased productivity and positive outlook. On the other hand if you had a bad night, you’d feel sleepy the whole day and everything you’d look forward to is going home so you can rest; not only do you miss the opportunity to enjoy the day, you also miss the chance to perform your daily duties in an extraordinarily impressive way, and all that simply because you didn’t invest in a good bed. End the dilemma of sleepless and uncomfortable nights, bring home the Benson beds and start giving yourself the kind of sleep you deserve – that which is comfortable and undisturbed.

Benson beds are known all over the United Kingdom (even to the other parts of the globe). It is known to be a leader in the beds and beddings industry because of its complete, high quality and stylish products. Benson beds give you the freedom to customize your beds – from your bed frames, to your divans, to your mattresses and even your pillows and duvets.

Benson beds’ mattresses were categorized into four to specifically meet the demands of your body and your personal preferences. The first category is the Continuous Coil, it is made from single length shaped into a series of loose S-shaped ringlets which makes the mattress even more stronger and stable. It has a higher quality method compared to Open Coil mattress because such is used for starter models. The Memory foam mattress may be a new type of material but its growing popularity is has brought countless homes in desire of such type of mattress. It is a combination of support and comfort, its material slowly responds to your body temperature and weight. It has good pressure relieving properties as well. The Pocket Sprung Mattress has each of its spring housed in its own individual fabric pocket. Springs work independently from one another which prevent pressure points that result to the highest level of support for any body type. And finally the Hi-tech latex which is the latest innovation in the mattress technology; it is derived from the sap of rubber trees and its distinct feature is its resilient feel. In addition, it has anti-microbial properties (hurray for those with allergies), very elastic and simply gives you the support and comfort you have always wanted.

Sealy Beds: Quality & Comfort Assurance

Good posture and bone alignment are very important for any person but it is very rare to find a bed or a bed company who answers these needs. Gratefully, the Sealy beds are here. Sealy beds not just suffice the need for back and joint support they’re made for cases like them. Its Posturepedic Collections speak of the different beds and beddings that they offer for people not only in the United Kingdom but in the whole world as well. Their branches in the United States, Japan, Australia and other key countries in the world are living testaments to the credibility of Sealy beds as a beds and beddings company; their products are loved and adored in all parts of the globe.

Sealy beds have three major divisions of beds; first is the Posturepedic Collection, then the Pocket Posturepedic Collection and finally the Mirrorform Collection each collection has its set of beds made for a specific purpose and a specific audience. Under the Posturepedic Collection is the Platinum Collection, it is made with Posture Tech 660 Response Spring System which was redesigned to provide better weight distribution. Its 7-zone in lay of Latex in Memory Foam creates pressure knock out points which prevents tossing and turning while sleeping. It is also made with Lumbar Support Bars that disperses pressure in areas where weight is concentrated so that pressure points disappear. And to top it all off is a mattress made with Tencel, it is a breakthrough in the beds and beddings industry as it has cooling and moisturizing properties. The Gold Collection has three types of bed under it, the Autumn Mist, Cumbrian Meadow and Summer Solstice which are all  made with 7-zone in lay of Latex Mattress Foam, Sealy Edge Guard, Posture Tech 660 and the Tencel Mattress Cover. And then the Ortho Collection, still under the Posturepedic Collection, which gave Sealy the reputation of being “orthopedically correct” in design. These beds are firm but are still comfortable to use; it is the firmest bed of Sealy made with zero deflection spring system and scientifically designed. The Posture Pocket Collection has five beds under it namely Sorrento, Toscana, Venezia, Napoli and Palermo. All these five are made to align your spine using weight responsive pocket springs and these springs are surrounded by a patented Unicase design that provides Edge to Edge support. The Mirrorform collection, on the other hand, has five zone body support system that provides optimum for the neck and spine and the mattresses are enhanced with Sealy’s pressure relieving memory foams.

Myers Beds: A Leading UK Bed Brand

The best things in life are free. We have heard of this for countless times and this cliché had proven itself correct for numerous times. Take for example the fact that you can buy a very beautiful and extravagant house but you can’t buy a home. You can buy all the vitamins and medicines that you need and want but you can’t buy good health. You can surround yourself with the most beautiful objects but still end up unhappy. They also said that you can’t buy a good night’s sleep. Well, not anymore! Because that was before Myers bed came in the picture. Now you can buy a good night sleep through buying good bed.

Myers bed knows and understands the essentiality of a good night’s sleep which is why they are in constant effort to make sure that their beds meet the individual needs and unique preferences of their clients. Myers beds are very specific about the personal needs and choices that people have when it comes to bed. They recognize that beds are very personal and intimate belongings of a person which is why it needs to complement one’s standards of comfort. Myers bed knows the difficulty that one may encounter upon looking for a bed that will work best for him/her. Such is the reason why they created guidelines and questions to help clients determine which type of beds will be appropriate for them.

Myers bed has a variety of beds that are made from different materials like wood and metal, they come in different designs like classic, elegant, contemporary and futuristic to match the different styles and interests of people. But most of all Myers beds are comfortable to use, they are made 33% than the ordinary pocket springs which makes them even softer and relaxing. Whatever your personality or style is, there is sure to be at least, one bed which you will want to bring home with you.

Some of the examples of Myers bed are the Myerpocket. This bed is a firmer tufted bed, its backcare mattress measures 150 cm and contains 325 to 650 backcare springs. Its bases are available either Sprung Edge or Board Top and storage options are available. Another is the Thermasleep which has a special warming or cooling mattress; like the Myerpocket bed its bases come in either Sprung Edge or Board Top. And then the High Coil Count Bed which has a higher spring count amounting to 928 springs in double layer foundation. Its base has full storage options where you can keep some of your personal belongings.

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