Myers Beds: A Leading UK Bed Brand

The best things in life are free. We have heard of this for countless times and this cliché had proven itself correct for numerous times. Take for example the fact that you can buy a very beautiful and extravagant house but you can’t buy a home. You can buy all the vitamins and medicines that you need and want but you can’t buy good health. You can surround yourself with the most beautiful objects but still end up unhappy. They also said that you can’t buy a good night’s sleep. Well, not anymore! Because that was before Myers bed came in the picture. Now you can buy a good night sleep through buying good bed.

Myers bed knows and understands the essentiality of a good night’s sleep which is why they are in constant effort to make sure that their beds meet the individual needs and unique preferences of their clients. Myers beds are very specific about the personal needs and choices that people have when it comes to bed. They recognize that beds are very personal and intimate belongings of a person which is why it needs to complement one’s standards of comfort. Myers bed knows the difficulty that one may encounter upon looking for a bed that will work best for him/her. Such is the reason why they created guidelines and questions to help clients determine which type of beds will be appropriate for them.

Myers bed has a variety of beds that are made from different materials like wood and metal, they come in different designs like classic, elegant, contemporary and futuristic to match the different styles and interests of people. But most of all Myers beds are comfortable to use, they are made 33% than the ordinary pocket springs which makes them even softer and relaxing. Whatever your personality or style is, there is sure to be at least, one bed which you will want to bring home with you.

Some of the examples of Myers bed are the Myerpocket. This bed is a firmer tufted bed, its backcare mattress measures 150 cm and contains 325 to 650 backcare springs. Its bases are available either Sprung Edge or Board Top and storage options are available. Another is the Thermasleep which has a special warming or cooling mattress; like the Myerpocket bed its bases come in either Sprung Edge or Board Top. And then the High Coil Count Bed which has a higher spring count amounting to 928 springs in double layer foundation. Its base has full storage options where you can keep some of your personal belongings.

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