Sealy Beds: Quality & Comfort Assurance

Good posture and bone alignment are very important for any person but it is very rare to find a bed or a bed company who answers these needs. Gratefully, the Sealy beds are here. Sealy beds not just suffice the need for back and joint support they’re made for cases like them. Its Posturepedic Collections speak of the different beds and beddings that they offer for people not only in the United Kingdom but in the whole world as well. Their branches in the United States, Japan, Australia and other key countries in the world are living testaments to the credibility of Sealy beds as a beds and beddings company; their products are loved and adored in all parts of the globe.

Sealy beds have three major divisions of beds; first is the Posturepedic Collection, then the Pocket Posturepedic Collection and finally the Mirrorform Collection each collection has its set of beds made for a specific purpose and a specific audience. Under the Posturepedic Collection is the Platinum Collection, it is made with Posture Tech 660 Response Spring System which was redesigned to provide better weight distribution. Its 7-zone in lay of Latex in Memory Foam creates pressure knock out points which prevents tossing and turning while sleeping. It is also made with Lumbar Support Bars that disperses pressure in areas where weight is concentrated so that pressure points disappear. And to top it all off is a mattress made with Tencel, it is a breakthrough in the beds and beddings industry as it has cooling and moisturizing properties. The Gold Collection has three types of bed under it, the Autumn Mist, Cumbrian Meadow and Summer Solstice which are all  made with 7-zone in lay of Latex Mattress Foam, Sealy Edge Guard, Posture Tech 660 and the Tencel Mattress Cover. And then the Ortho Collection, still under the Posturepedic Collection, which gave Sealy the reputation of being “orthopedically correct” in design. These beds are firm but are still comfortable to use; it is the firmest bed of Sealy made with zero deflection spring system and scientifically designed. The Posture Pocket Collection has five beds under it namely Sorrento, Toscana, Venezia, Napoli and Palermo. All these five are made to align your spine using weight responsive pocket springs and these springs are surrounded by a patented Unicase design that provides Edge to Edge support. The Mirrorform collection, on the other hand, has five zone body support system that provides optimum for the neck and spine and the mattresses are enhanced with Sealy’s pressure relieving memory foams.

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