Small Double Beds: Space Saving Solutions for Couples

Space has always been an issue. Our pre historic lesson teach us that the first men who lived in the world were nomads and anywhere they go they would occupy a space and make it their territory. World history tells us of countless tales of expeditions in all parts of the globe in search for land. Powerful nations have invested their best manpower to building machineries that will expedite the colonization process; the lives lost to battles were numerous and all for the sake of having more space to live in. Even today, the dilemmas that space brings to our lives are everywhere. You don’t have to go far because the home makes a perfect example of how limited space is.

Unless you are a millionaire who has a mansion, space is your problem. Whether you are a growing family or an individual living on your own, you often worry about how to fit everything in your floor area. That is a common problem among households; growing families often need to shrink four kids in one room because there are only two rooms in the house, others need to sleep on the floor because the bed can only accommodate two; these sad events actually happen in real life and most families encounter this. In the case of independent men and women who live on their own, they are most likely renting an apartment or a condo unit where each square meter is paid. Not only is space limited it is also expensive. Such people often need to minimize everything in their home, even if they want to bring a couch or buy a new closet; they simply can’t because of the spatial limitations that they face. They often end up with an unorganized place that looks more of a garage than an actual home.

Fortunately, our partners are wise enough to create beds that don’t eat too much floor space. The small double beds will work wonders regardless whether you are a growing family or an independent individual living on your own. As they are only three fourths of the regular size beds, it saves you instants space, but its spare bed tucked under the first bed is another value for you. Now you have two beds for not even the size of a regular bed and your other bed doesn’t need to eat floor space all the time, you can pull it out when you need it and you can tuck it in when you don’t, isn’t that just great?

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