Sleigh Beds

A sleigh bed is a style of bed with curved or scrolled foot and headboards, so that it appears much like a sled or sleigh. Regularly made from wood and pretty heavy, the sleigh bed was first designed in the French and American Empire, during the early 19th century. The Empire drew its inspiration from the furniture styles of ancient Roman and Greek civilizations. Curves in solid wood introduce a factor of class and grace in furniture. Sleigh beds supply a design that sets itself aside from the rest for their sheer style and disposition. Sleigh beds come in a sleigh-like form that is harking back to royal times, adding a hint of class in any bedroom it selects to embellish.

The headboard of this bed is bigger than its footboard and both are curved with their tops rolling outwards. These beds lend a lovely look towards the bedroom with their rich flourishes and twirls; naturally, considering their graceful rolling edges are a long way from the common pointed lines and block designs of other bed styles.

Sleigh Beds come in a selection of materials including wood, metal and leather and in multiple finishes. Style plays a very important role when you make a decision to choose a sleigh bed in a bedroom. The right look will bring the room together and maybe even outline the personality of the bedroom.

Shop around for an online retailer or highstreet bed store that supplies a wider range of wooden sleigh beds to choose from. Finishes are applied by hand to give a rich look. These beds are supported by a high quality framing system, headboard, footboard, 4-slat system (with centre leg supports for queen sleigh beds or king sleigh beds).

Most of the time, the headboard size decides how outstanding the bed will be in context of the room. If you need it to be the center-piece, a tall headboard is acceptable. If the twin sleigh bed is secondary, a shorter headboard is advised.

Metal sleigh beds on the other hand edge in the direction of a normal style. The sort of metal used will affect the appearance, strength and weight of your bed. Often a latest look can be accomplished with a wood and iron sleigh bed. Add to that pewter wooded posts and you make a robust yet classy statement. A 54″ headboard and thirty six” footboard work well for an ideal symmetry in the bedroom.

Leather sleigh beds can be found in many styles. Some provide a complicated, magnificent look, while others make a more friendly statement. Find one that matches the mood you wish to create.

Material is vital on all sleigh beds, but especially so when talking of finished sleigh beds. Some are wood with finished panels. Others offer headboards and footboards that are completely upholstered. Select from leather, fake leather and other materials. The colour of the upholstery will decide the mood of the room : bright colors will have a warming effect, while darker, paler colours have a tendency to be cooler and relaxing.

Sleigh beds come in various sizes, including Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. In the US, Twin is also known as Single (38″ x 75″), Full as Double (53″ x 75″), Queen as Queen-size (60″ x 80″), King as Eastern King (76″ x 80″) and Cal King as California King (72″ x 84″). Cal King size beds, generally for tall people, are typically 12″ wider than a Queen-size bed and 4″ longer.


Beds must be supportive of your spine to ensure a healthy quantity and quality of sleep every night. If you have a good night’s sleep it can make all the difference the next day, prolonging your life and wellbeing. In short, you should actively strive for a great night’s sleep. If in doubt about the quality of a bed, do look at the comparative price you are paying, if going cheap you want great value and half decent durability at least.

Beds usually consist of a box-sprung base supporting a comfortable mattress placed on top. Headboards also often adorn the end your head lies at. Side rails, footboards or front rails can also be added, depending upon your taste and situation.

When searching for a bed you should take your time to really find the type of beds that suit your house and any general health considerations. Starting your search online is a superb way of seeing the total range of beds on offer to you at any one time. Deals tend to abound on the internet, and costs of attaining your bed are often at least the same price as the best deals on the high street.

Once you’ve started looking through the full range of beds, their shape, size, construction, what comes with the sets, cheapest delivery prices etc, you are able to hone down your search. After finding a handful of ideal beds you can then either buy straight away online, or for more of an idea on your purchase’s quality you can visit the local stores. Testing out the comfort of beds in person should in general be done, since you will often be spending a small fortune on everything that a bed involves e.g. pillows, duvets, bed base, optional base drawers, sheets and wheels etc.

In the last ten years bed sizes have increased in variety, so take a long look at exactly what size you would most like, alongside what is practical. When ever you are in the showroom make sure you have a list of questions about all the beds you are interested in. Many cheap beds are cheap for a reason, the costruction is poor, often the manufacturing has been done on the cheap in far off countries where labour costs are minimal. It can be fairly easy to spot outlets who have price as their main selling point. Such cheap beds don’t tend to last the test of time, actually ending up rather expensive for what you paid. It is also fair to mention that great value cheap beds do exist, and are not that hard to find if you know what to look for, and how to find them. At the other end of the price spectrum make sure you are not getting ripped off, whether lured in by a brand’s image or apparently useful bed advances.

Sleigh Beds: Beautiful, Classic & Timeless

During the 19th century, sleigh beds were the most admired bed design in the whole of United Kingdom. Their elegant design, composed of a headboard and footboard, resembled the horse drawn carts that were the most common form of transport in the Victorian era. Today however, sleigh beds are still adored and remain a popular bed design chosen in both contemporary and classic households. A combination of both comfort and design; the two most common types of sleigh beds are wood and metal.

Our partners are leaders in the beds and beddings industry, they have been supplying countless households in the whole United Kingdom with quality beds that meet their standards both for design and quality. As answer to demands of individuals who would like to keep their bedrooms royal and majestic, our partners continue to create sleigh beds. The varieties that they offer are varied but the bestsellers are wood sleigh beds and metal sleigh beds. As the wood sleigh beds is very classic, they offer an assortment of wood (material) for you to choose from, each wood has a distinct character that will breathe character to your bedroom. The Walnut is a beautiful wood classified as dark, it is perfect as it is and no design needed, it blends well with mahogany and red oak. Meanwhile, the Mahogany is customarily stained with red, overshadowing its original light brown hue. Cherry is a light wood but grows dark over time while the Maple is the lightest of all. The Oak is the most popular among all and it blends well with anything. If you want your bedroom to have the classic Victorian ambience, the wood sleigh bed is your best option.

If you‘re the type of person who likes the classic theme but wants to combine it with the modern ideas, you should consider what metal sleigh beds has to offer. Since you’re getting a sleigh bed as the main attraction of your bedroom, that instantly makes your room a classic but since you’re choosing metal as the main material, it totally gives your bedroom a different attitude. The metal sleigh beds are crossroads of modernity and tradition. They usually have a high shine finish and the metal itself is crafted with accents and patterns to mimic the antique designs. Metal sleigh beds breathe a unique element to your bedroom making it one of a kind.

Midi Beds: Quality Designs & Even Lower Online Prices!

A family with a child is a family blessed in immeasurable ways. The joy that children bring to your life cannot be summed up by any word or numerical value, thus you would like to make everything perfect for them because they are your little angels. In as much as you would like to make sure that they receive what they should especially in their development, their nature as children often becomes an obstacle for parents like you. Children are restless and excited individuals who want to try out anything and everything they see. Aroused by their curiosity children will experiment over and over and you’ll get tired of it but they won’t. One of the most common problems that parents complain about is that their children won’t go to sleep because they still want to play, watch the television and the list goes on. As parents, you recognize the importance of sleep in their development and surely, you won’t allow them to sleep; thus the battle begins.

Our partners understand that haggling with children can be both tiring and annoying. True to their commitment of providing you with the beds that will suffice your needs, they created the midi beds. These are middle sized beds that are made especially for your growing angels. They are all pre-designed with exciting and colourful patterns to excite your children to go to sleep, with this bed in your child’s bedroom he or she would surely enjoy sleeping because of the entertaining designs and wonderful designs that the midi beds have. But our partners also understand your needs and standards, so they made the midi beds with extra durability to ensure that you have the peace of mind. They also designed it with built in drawers and shelves giving you extra storage for your kid’s books, colouring materials, favourite toys and even their clothes. Not only are you giving your children their personal space you are also teaching them how to organize their personal belongings.

If you’re a parent who always has to bargain with your child just so he or she would go to sleep, then the midi bed is for you. Excite your child with our partners’ midi beds crafted beautifully with patterns, designs and colours that tickle their imagination.

Memory Foam Beds: The Sleep Secret

While most people think that only regular exercise and balanced diet are the keys to a healthy lifestyle, they are actually misled. Healthy living is not about how few your calorie intake is or how much calorie you burn a day, it’s about taking the proper amount of calories that your body can use. The key word here is proper, and a proper lifestyle is that which has established proper sleeping habits. True that exercise and balanced diet make wonders for your body, but you are not made of steel or wood, your body needs to get the right amount of rest so it can perform the duties of the next day. Those who stress themselves, eat salad morning, afternoon and evening, hit the fitness gym after office hours, then go home to eat (salad) work again, sleep for two hours are not going anywhere near healthy living. They are wasting all their efforts because they are not listening to their bodies; if you really want to be healthy then put sleeping on your “healthy lifestyle checklist”. Our partners’ Memory Foam beds will be a good start for you.

Our partners are leaders in the beds and beddings industry. Over the years they have made good night’s sleep possible for numerous people, families and households in the whole United Kingdom and in other parts of the world. Because of their commitment to make sleeping a wonderful and relaxing experience, they continue to make different types of beds that will cater to the growing needs and standards of clients like you. The Memory Foam Beds are one of the bestselling kinds of beds that our partners have.

The Memory Foam beds are known all over as a high quality and comfortable bed. It conforms to your body type which gives you minimal to no pressure points at all to make sure that your sleep is undisturbed and continuous. This type of bed also provides full body support which is great for anyone because it keeps your spine aligned keeping your posture good; it also gives neck support which adds more convenience to your sleep. It also has a no movement transfer component and has hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial options which guarantee that your skin is taken care of and your bed is not a haven for unwanted bacteria. Finally, the Memory Foam beds are very durable; it is made only from the best materials so you are guaranteed that it will not wear off a few months after your purchase.

Buy Your High Sleeper Bed Online: Huge Range of Designs & the Lowest Prices

Many of us dream of having a big house to live in so one can place whatever it is that he or she desires; be it a majestic sofa set, an elegant twelve-seater dining table or a luxurious king size bed perhaps an Olympic size swimming pool or a lush garden that would rival that of the movies. When it comes to houses, space is luxury. For most households, space is usually a problem: how to fit four children in one room, how to shrink a study table, closet, book shelf and a queen size bed in a small bedroom, how to suit a living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining area in a 28 sq. Meter flat, all these questions and many more are the usual dilemmas of most households today. Fortunately, the saying that “every problem has its solution” is true. Despite the limited space, your home can still be an eye candy and with the right pieces of furniture and design, your home sweet home can even be featured in the magazines.

It all begins with the proper outlook – focus on the things you can change and accept those aspects which you can do nothing about. Given that your house has a small floor area, you can start by picking pieces of furniture that maximizes space. There are a good number of furniture that can double the size of your house through their function and design, the high sleeper bed is a very good example. This is like a double deck bed only its lower portion is not composed of a bed instead it’s either a shelf, drawer or it’s a hollow space. It gives you the room for extra storage and for pieces of furniture that you might need in your bedroom like a study table or a sofa. The high sleeper bed maximizes the space in your home because it is a bed on top of something else, its lower portion can practically be anything you want it to be. It’s having a bed that doesn’t eat space instead gives you more.

Our partners specialize in high sleeper beds. Since they know and understand the universal need for a good night’s sleep, they created a bed that provides superb comfort and support, extra durable and space efficient thus the High Sleeper bed. If you are a growing family this will do wonders for your kids as they can use the lower portion as drawers or shelves or even as a study area. If you live in a flat, then this will give you the extra space you have always wanted and the best part is, you don’t need to pay additional.

Four Poster Beds: Classic, Luxurious and Timeless

Everything in fashion changes, not only with clothes but even in homes. Today, minimalist interior design is adored by millions but there will come a time when even this prevailing idea will be overshadowed by another design or theme. When it comes to interior design, there are those creative ideas which defy time; they are referred to as the classics – that which will always look elegant no matter what time or place. The classic designs are ephemeral.

The Victorian Design is a classic when it comes to bedroom creativity. And the most famous among Victorian theme is the four poster bed. Four poster beds are beds with four posts on each corner; during the 16th century, the posts were used to accommodate curtains that would keep out draught. As time passed by beds and beddings companies found a way for better insulation which made the posts redundant, however the four poster beds have already earned its reputation as a classic piece of art making its influence effective up to our generation.

Our partners are well aware that a great bed is not only comfortable but very elegant as well – that which can stand on its own and still make the whole bedroom look majestic. Our partners’ four poster beds meet both standards. As makers of the most comfortable and well – crafted beds in the whole United Kingdom our partners understand that you want both function and design when it comes to your beds, as answer they give you the four poster beds. Our partners made sure that all beds are made only from the highest quality of materials to stay faithful to the concept of olden beauty.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t have time redesigning his or her bedroom or you would like your bedroom to have a classic design, the four poster bed is your best choice. No need to bother on putting other pieces of furniture to achieve the look that you want, the four poster bed is a piece of art on its own, it can breathe a luxurious and very elegant character to your bedroom with no effort at all. Whoever sleeps on it will surely feel like travelling back in the days of royalties and noblemen – comfortable, durable and simply majestic.

Buying Beds Online: Free Delivery anywhere in the UK!

Finding the right type of bed that will fit you and your needs so you may achieve a good night’s sleep. Aside from comfort, your bed should also complement the size of your home and bedroom. Our sponsored partner’s offer a wide range of beds, from contemporary to classic – that are sure to suit your taste. Leaders in the bed and bedding industry in the United Kingdom, we assure you with quality, service, an excellent range of designs and styles to choose from and last but certainly not least – huge savings! They have provided a great number of homes with comfortable and relaxing nights because of the quality of beds that they have and as time passes by, more and more households in the United Kingdom trust our partners. In return, our partners continue to improve the quality of the beds and beddings that they produce, more than that, they innovate and modernize to give you the freshest ideas in sleeping an designing your bed.

The assortment of beds suggested by our partners for clients like you are consists of different kinds of beds. There are beds for people and homes with limited space, there are beds for people who value comfort and space and there also beds for those with medical and health – related needs. No matter what type of beds and beddings needs you may need, they can surely give you an answer.

We would like to name a few of our partners’ bestsellers; most households today are restricted in terms of space, especially growing families. They either have humble homes with few rooms or they rent, given that premise the likes of trundle beds, cabin beds, day beds and sofa beds can work wonders. These types of beds have dual purpose; the trundle beds have a spare bed tucked under its first bed while the cabin beds are two to three beds layered on top of each other, both occupy the space of one bed but what you actually have are two or more. The day beds and sofa beds work both as chair and bed, they are flexible and their functions are dependent of your needs. You have two types of furniture but it comes as one. For people who want their beds to spacious and cozy, the queen size beds, king size beds and super king size beds will be perfect; not only do they give you a large area to sleep in they are also designed elegantly to complete your luxurious sleeping experience. If you happen to have medical needs, the adjustable beds and orthopaedic beds will surely be of great help, these types of beds can be regulated to meet your needs.

Adjustable Beds: Making Life More Simple.

Bed’s we created and designed to provide a sleeping area for people so that they may recharge their biological batteries and refresh their minds for the responsibilities, duties and activities for the days ahead. A bed is often characterized by a comfortable mattress that matches the needs of the body, sure most people would simply require spine support or neck and lower body support when it comes to their very own beds, but there are people who have medical conditions that require more than the customary spinal alignment feature. Sad as it is, there are people who are afflicted with joint or bone – related injuries and conditions, in as much as they want to act normal and settle for a bed just like any person uses, their bodies demand more. Such people need a bed that will adjust to their needs so they will not have to bend or move their already painful joints.

Our partners have been producing high quality beds over the past years and the diversity of their products continue to grow as time passes by. They have supplied numerous homes in the whole United Kingdom with beds that have met their standards, sufficed their needs and even exceeded their expectations. Truly, our partners stay faithful to their commitment to bring a good night’s sleep to every bedroom. As gratitude to your trust, our partners innovate their products to provide solutions to special cases just like a person recovering from a bone injury or an old man having difficulties reaching and bending. The adjustable bed is just one of their many tailor made solution-beds.

Adjustable beds are made specifically for people with bone and/or muscle related problems or health demands, as their conditions keep them from moving like a normal human being, their bed need to do the moving. And our partners’ adjustable beds are perfect, not only are they made from the best quality of materials, they are also very durable making sure that it is safe to use and it will not wear off after a few months. In addition, the adjustable beds provide support to the key areas of the bodies making sure that it helps the person recover from his or her unwanted condition. It provides spine alignment, neck and hips support and it eliminates pressure points making sure that the user will sleep continuously and undisturbed. However, over time the adjustable beds were also seen as an alternative for normal beds, some households purchase adjustable beds because they find it enjoyable and very convenient.

White Beds: Stylish, Warm and Ideal for Any Home

A clean and tidy home will always be admired and will leave a mark in the minds of those who have seen it. Cleanliness had become tantamount to the colour white as this colour symbolizes chastity and purity. Therefore it is safe to say that white is a classic theme, even in interior design and home decoration. Having said that, white beds have gained its popularity as one of the premier beds in the United Kingdom today, making more and more homes resort to the classic beauty and simplicity of white.

White beds have a distinct feat that have mesmerized countless generations; it is such an irony that it is only now that people have begun to appreciate them. White beds create an effect of elegance and beauty whatever kind of bedroom one may have. It is probably because of the universality of the colour white that despite its simplicity it becomes the center of attention and everything else blends in easily. The white beds are perfect example of simplicity and elegance; if you want a lovely and luxurious home but wants to keep everything simple and relaxed, the white bed is for you. The white bed is pure elegance; anyone who sees your bed would want to lie awake on it and feel it.

Our partners have the best white beds in the market. Their products are loved throughout United Kingdom as the beds are very comfortable and hard-wearing. Not only do they provide you with the highest quality white beds they also offer them in affordable prices so that everyone may afford to bring home a white bed and begin re-inventing their respective bedrooms. The White bed is a very exciting piece of furniture as it is the perfect manifestation of simple elegance. Even by itself, your bedroom will have a royal and glamorous feel, with the right accessories you can achieve any kind of look you would want your bed and your bedroom to have as the white bed works as a blank canvass.

In today’s time, the white bed can be considered as a bold statement in interior design. Since most people would rather get a yellow or peach bed to make it less prone to dirt, the white beds make statements that reflects one’s love for design and style, eliminating the concerns like dirt and maintenance. It also speaks of one’s passion for elegance and classic beauty.

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