Crib Mattress

A quality crib mattress is very important for your baby. Your baby deserves the best start in life, so take your time to research the ideal crib mattress for your new child.

Crib mattresses come in all shapes, quality and sizes. The crib mattress you choose must be the right size for your baby’s cot. Ideally you can spend a reasonable amount on the mattress it’s self, so that the construction allows for superior ventilation, has padding that offers comfortable back and neck support, there also being a soft yet tough external washable cover. Luxury models tend to have an outer washable cover, then a foam layer, with a final larger and well ventilated foam centre acting as the core.

Removing the cover so as to wash both the crib mattress and cover separately, when necessary, is essential to remove soiling whereby ventilation is kept high, and also kill all dust mites that can on occasion build up over time to unhealthy levels.

When looking around for a crib mattress start by first visiting the many highly reputable websites online. This will allow you to get a decent idea of what ranges exist locally to where you live. Once you’ve visited 3-4 decent sized shops on the web you will have a much better idea of what you are looking for and able to buy. You can then continue honing down your searches on the internet, and then either buy your crib mattress online, or visit your high street retailers to purchase your items there.

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