Mattress Covers

Mattress covers are a super way of protecting your expensive mattresses. Rather than washing your entire mattress, a mattress cover is far easier and quicker to wash, and extends the life of your mattress by quite a few years. Mattress covers can also be very effective at stopping dust mites escaping the mattress it’s self, reducing sneezing and itching. When you combine that fact with a mattress cover’s ability to protect mattresses from moisture damage, it is easy to see why investing both your time, effort and money in a good quality mattress cover is a good idea.

Mattress covers are made from a variety of materials, such as clear polythene, cotton or 2 ply paper. Mattress covers are not only useful for protecting your mattresses in situ, but are also frequently used on mattresses when moving house nationally or internationally, robustly protecting them from dust and bad weather.

First assess what size your mattress is, this will enable you to buy a mattress cover that fits perfectly. Most shops will have a decent range of mattress covers, from cot to single, king size and emperor size. Next try searching the internet so as to gain a good idea of what types of mattress covers are available to you. Once you’ve visited a handful of decent shops with reasonable mattress cover ranges you will have a much clearer idea of what you require. Many online shops offer speedy delivery, whist being amongst the cheapest places in general to buy from.

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