Everything in fashion changes, not only with clothes but even in homes. Today, minimalist interior design is adored by millions but there will come a time when even this prevailing idea will be overshadowed by another design or theme. When it comes to interior design, there are those creative ideas which defy time; they are referred to as the classics – that which will always look elegant no matter what time or place. The classic designs are ephemeral.

The Victorian Design is a classic when it comes to bedroom creativity. And the most famous among Victorian theme is the four poster bed. Four poster beds are beds with four posts on each corner; during the 16th century, the posts were used to accommodate curtains that would keep out draught. As time passed by beds and beddings companies found a way for better insulation which made the posts redundant, however the four poster beds have already earned its reputation as a classic piece of art making its influence effective up to our generation.

Our partners are well aware that a great bed is not only comfortable but very elegant as well – that which can stand on its own and still make the whole bedroom look majestic. Our partners’ four poster beds meet both standards. As makers of the most comfortable and well – crafted beds in the whole United Kingdom our partners understand that you want both function and design when it comes to your beds, as answer they give you the four poster beds. Our partners made sure that all beds are made only from the highest quality of materials to stay faithful to the concept of olden beauty.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t have time redesigning his or her bedroom or you would like your bedroom to have a classic design, the four poster bed is your best choice. No need to bother on putting other pieces of furniture to achieve the look that you want, the four poster bed is a piece of art on its own, it can breathe a luxurious and very elegant character to your bedroom with no effort at all. Whoever sleeps on it will surely feel like travelling back in the days of royalties and noblemen – comfortable, durable and simply majestic.

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