If you like organization and neatness while sticking to the bare essentials, then you are a minimalist, or at least you espouse the idea that having what is only necessary is what’s important. Futons are the Japanese beds that we see in Asian movies or shows that is placed in the floor with no elevation needed, its mattress is called the futon mattress and it is specifically designed to be placed closest to the floor, unlike other Westernized beds. Futon mattresses are very interesting because they are strong yet soft; ironic as it may sound but true. They are strong because of the material they are made of and the design where they came from; since futon mattresses are not supported by an actual bed frame, it has very little support from other sources, and therefore the weight of the people who will use the futon will be generally carried by the futon mattress. That is why it’s strong because, it is expected to support the users, however futon mattresses are also comfortable to use because of its soft component. Remember that this is a mattress it is therefore made to make the sleeping experience relaxing and no one can relax in a hard and firm mattress. Futon mattresses give you the strength of a solid foundation but give you a relaxing feel once you lie down.

Our partners offer only the highest quality futon mattresses in the market today as these mattresses are made from the finest materials you are sure that they will not break or cause injury to you or any of your family members. The futon mattresses are exciting additions to your home as this is something very unique and different. While majority of British homes are filled with the traditional elevated beds, this one can add character to your home and create a vibrant effect on the overall look of your bedroom as it is very simple but bold in statement. The futon mattresses are not only durable but space efficient as well, it matches the minimalist in you.

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