Hypnos have been producing quality beds for over two decades and they are experts in the field of creating comfortable, long lasting, practicle and durable mattresses. They hold the Royal Warrant of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth which gives you the guarantee that their beds are of their highest quality in the world because they were able to please no other than the Queen herself. Each bed is made individually and passionately by master craftsmen who were all trained to keep the tradition of perfection. They use only the finest natural materials in creating the beds and make them the way its pioneer craftsmen use to do it back in the 1900s. Hypnos is no doubt one of the best, if not the best, providers of beds and beddings in the whole world.

Hypnos value their clients more than anything else, such is the reason why they make beds that will meet the needs of different people. In Hypnos, the most important person is YOU. Therefore, they made various selections of mattresses to make sure that no matter what your need is, there is one that will meet your standards and suffice your necessities. And since the mattress is the most important part of the bed, they have categorized their mattresses into three, to give you more options and to further specialize in giving you a sincerely good night’s sleep.

The first category is the Traditional where they have five types of mattresses. These mattresses are made with 800 to 1600 ReActive No Need to Turn pocket springs in the 150cm size depending on which model; they are all upholstered with pure cotton felt and soft lamb wool and the mattress border are upholstered with two rows of genuine hand side stitching to provide greater edge support. These mattresses also contain non – allergenic white fibre and are traditionally hand tufted. The Contemporary Bedstead Mattress Collection are all beautifully crafted and designed to complement your bedstead with support and comfort. There are five types of mattresses in this collection and all are made with the Hypnos standard for excellence and perfection. And then finally the Hypnos Collection which is composed of five sub – collections namely the Regency Collection, Heritage Collection, Orthos Support Collection, Bestead Mattress Collection and Spacesaver beds, they also have one headboard collection and one pillow collection. All these beds are made from the highest quality, extremely durable and very elegant in design.

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