A good sleep can really work miracles. That is the reason why it becomes so necessary to make sure you sleep on a bed that’s just best for you, your posture and how you position yourself when resting.

Millbrook Beds understand how individual you are and, somewhere in the all-inclusive Millbrook Beds range, there’ll be the ideal bed with your name on it. Their Beds are designed and made to the highest standard, to offer you the most relaxing and refreshing nights sleep you have ever experienced.

Millbrook have been running for over sixty years. In this time their name has become associated with the creation of prime quality products by expert artisans. Each bed is handcrafted and each experience is based primarily on a basic understanding of the ‘Science of Sleep.

As the major U.K. manufacturer of pocket spring beds, the Millbrook range includes divan sets, mattresses, action and alterable beds together with ‘zip & link’ mattress sets.

The advantages of a Millbrook Bed are clear. Each morning you may feel healthy, fresh and bursting with energy to take on the new day. You will feel recharged and relaxed because, not only will your body get each chance to get over it’s physical efforts, but sleep is shown to play a major role in maintaining the right levels in our cognitive abilities like speech, memory, creativity and flexible thinking. Put simply, sleep plays a serious role in brain development. And when you’re feeling this good, what better platform to explore the activities and opportunities which each new day presents? And it’s cyclical – getting masses of clean air and exercise and following a good diet all make a contribution to improving sleep quality, and so does your selection of bed, which in turn gives you the energy to get up and out again, and again! Hence your Millbrook Bed will deliver way more than a good night’s rest. It’ll change the way in which you approach the old I am not a morning person chestnut. We spend a 3rd of our lives sleeping. It is time to get thinking about how it’s possible to get the most from the other two-thirds. If you feel this beautiful, the possibilities are you can give it your best shot!

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