If there’s anything to Urban Living aside from time and money, it’s space. If you’re living in a flat, you can relate very well to what I’ll talk about. Most, if not all apartments and condominium units today provide very limited space for each tenant. That is why your furniture needs to be flexible to meet the limitations of urban space. A great example of a flexible but very functional piece of furniture is the sofa bed.  As it name implies, it is a sofa and a bed in one. It can function as either depending on the circumstances or requirements. In the morning you can use it to enjoy your cup of tea or relax with the family. In the evening, it transforms into a soft and comfortable bed where you can lie down and get a good night’s sleep. But whether you live in the city or in the suburbs; whether your house is a luxurious mansion or a humble flat; the sofa bed is a piece of furniture you will surely love. Not only does it have dual functionality, it also enables you to save space and money. Great value, isn’t it?

Sofa bed’s are designed in a large variety of shapes, sizes, materials and colours. Leather sofa beds are available for individuals with luxurious tastes that wish to have a very stylish interior design theme that also provides a space saving collapsible bed to ensure like any space efficient furniture that you can make the most of the room. The two seater compact sofa beds are perfect for those with condominiums that have limited space or for minimalists. For the growing number of people who would like to maximize space whether in a flat in or in their own homes, functional and flexible sofa beds are perfect.  A small living room can accommodate any 2 seater sofa bed that also can provide a second bed for guests. Comfortable sofa beds are extremely good value for money as they ensure you are able to save space, provide guests with a bed and they look stylish, modern and are practical.

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