Sealy Mattresses: Quality & Comfort Reassurance

It is difficult to find a bed and bedding company that will truly remain faithful to the needs and standards of its clients. Most companies will put their best foot forward and once the clients’ trusts are gained their products begin to dwindle. The cases of Sealy mattresses are extremely the opposite of the customary beddings company; Sealy makes it a point to improve their products and persist to create a line of continuously innovating and developing mattresses.

Sealy mattresses are not only known but loved in almost all parts of the world. As it proves to value the trust of their clients by making varieties of mattresses and other beddings that suit the dynamic needs of people, more and more households patronize Sealy mattresses and products because of its name, a name which is tantamount to quality that goes beyond its promise. The Bedstead Mattress Collection also known as Sealy Posturepedic Bedstead Mattress is designed for undisturbed sleep. By distributing your weight and eliminating pressure points, it does not only give you a good night’s sleep it also aligns your spine. There are three classifications of Sealy Mattresses, the first one is the Posturetech Collection, followed by the Pocket Latex Collection and lastly the Pocket Memory Collection. All beds are made with Tencel, a revolutionary fibre which has cooling and moisturizing properties that keeps you dry and fresh.

The Posturetech Collection features the renowned Posturetech spring system with Edge to Edge support. These mattresses are either firm or medium in comfort; they come in 28 cm and 32 cm depth and have varieties of sizes. The Pocket Latex Collections are made with layers of Innergetic Latex which provides comfort and pressure relief, its patented Unicase design protects the pocket springs and keeps your mattress from sagging. These mattresses also have multiple zones of motion responsive pocket springs for total spinal alignment. All beds under the Pocket Latex Collection are gentle in comfort, which means they are soft; its micro quilted mattress with Innergetic Latex is made with 1200 to 1400 pocket springs. Finally the Pocket Memory Collection which has three types of mattresses under it; first is the Plush memory made with 1200 pocket springs, then the Plush glades made with 1400 pocket springs and lastly the Plush Clouds made with 1400 pocket springs as well. All mattresses are medium to gentle in comfort are around 30 cm. to 34 mattress depth.

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