During the 19th century, sleigh beds were the most admired bed design in the whole of United Kingdom. Their elegant design, composed of a headboard and footboard, resembled the horse drawn carts that were the most common form of transport in the Victorian era. Today however, sleigh beds are still adored and remain a popular bed design chosen in both contemporary and classic households. A combination of both comfort and design; the two most common types of sleigh beds are wood and metal.

Our partners are leaders in the beds and beddings industry, they have been supplying countless households in the whole United Kingdom with quality beds that meet their standards both for design and quality. As answer to demands of individuals who would like to keep their bedrooms royal and majestic, our partners continue to create sleigh beds. The varieties that they offer are varied but the bestsellers are wood sleigh beds and metal sleigh beds. As the wood sleigh beds is very classic, they offer an assortment of wood (material) for you to choose from, each wood has a distinct character that will breathe character to your bedroom. The Walnut is a beautiful wood classified as dark, it is perfect as it is and no design needed, it blends well with mahogany and red oak. Meanwhile, the Mahogany is customarily stained with red, overshadowing its original light brown hue. Cherry is a light wood but grows dark over time while the Maple is the lightest of all. The Oak is the most popular among all and it blends well with anything. If you want your bedroom to have the classic Victorian ambience, the wood sleigh bed is your best option.

If you‘re the type of person who likes the classic theme but wants to combine it with the modern ideas, you should consider what metal sleigh beds has to offer. Since you’re getting a sleigh bed as the main attraction of your bedroom, that instantly makes your room a classic but since you’re choosing metal as the main material, it totally gives your bedroom a different attitude. The metal sleigh beds are crossroads of modernity and tradition. They usually have a high shine finish and the metal itself is crafted with accents and patterns to mimic the antique designs. Metal sleigh beds breathe a unique element to your bedroom making it one of a kind.

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