Being healthy means taking care of yourself properly. While the common understanding of people about health rests solely on eating nutritious food and daily exercise there is actually another link missing, that is proper sleep. It is such an irony how many people neglect the need for a good night’s sleep or simply the need to sleep; the busiest people often make sleeping optional to give way to other things that they need to attend to. But the importance of sleeping to a person’s health and well being is authoritative. No person can be truly healthy if he has poor sleeping habits.

Finding a good mattress is the first step to developing good sleeping habits. The logic is simple, if you have a mattress that provides you with support, comfort and durability, then you will have a better sleeping experience because your mattress complements the structure and curves of your body, more so its needs. You feel comfortable and relaxed helping you sleep properly. Tempur mattresses is one of the leaders in the beds and beddings industry; they specialize in back and joint pains and the best part is it’s very easy to use and maintain.

Tempur offers a variety of mattresses that fits the different needs and preferences of various people.  Some examples are Tempur Combi mattress, Tempur Combi HD which is split into two sub-categories, the 8 inch and the 10 inch and the Tempur Deluxe HD and Tempur Overlay mattress. The Tempur Combi mattress is composed of an upper layer made of 7cm. visco-elastic temperature sensitive Tempur material which is laminated in 8cm polyurethane foam base. The Combi Mattress comes with a detachable velour cover that has an anti-mite and anti-allergy component. The Tempur Combi HD gives a new life the traditional 8 inch mattress popular in the United Kingdom. It is 20 cm. in depth and the upper layer is made of 2 cm. Tempur High Density laminated to 7 cm. Tempur visco-elastic temperature sensitive material which is further laminated to11 cm. high resilient polyurethane foam. Another sub-division of the Tempur Combi HD is the 25 cm. composed of an upper layer of 3 cm. Tempur High Density laminated to 7 cm. Tempur  visco-elastic temperature sensitive material which is also laminated to 2 cm. by 7.5 cm high resilient polyurethane foam. It also comes with handles for mobile people. The Tempur Deluxe Mattress features the Tempur-tex cover with built in humidity control, such material allows any moisture to evaporate faster from the surface of the mattress thus making your nights drier and even more comfortable. Lastly, the Tempur overlay mattress; it is made of 7 cm. visco-elastic temperature material and comes with 15year limited warranty.

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