We have all heard of single beds, double beds, queen beds and king beds, but did you know that you can opt for a three-quarter sized bed?. Some of us may have encountered but were not familiar with the ¾ bed. It is slightly larger than single beds but relatively smaller than double beds. While three-quarter beds are less common compared to their popular counterparts, the benefits of this unusual size are numerous and it is as functional as the four commonly known. Three -quarter beds works best for people who want to save space. Some homes are not always spacious and cozy, in as much as household owners or families would like to have big houses, it is not always the case. They sometimes need to maximize whatever little space they have in order to provide a comfortable and cosy living environment that is not crowded.

No home should appear crowded or unorganized as each home provides someone with their own private sanctuary where they can build wonderful and loving memories with the people most important to them. We all love our homes and finding the right design, type, colour and size of furniture is one of the integral keys to creating the right living space. For starters or growing families, three-quarter beds are ideal as they don’t take up a lot of room, but can easily provide a decent space to sleep in and can accommodate two people comfortably.  There will be no need to sacrifice your sleep because of the limitations in terms of space and there will be no more uneasy and distressing nights as our partner’s three quarter beds are made of quality materials and offer a size that guarantees a  good night sleep. Most of all, they don’t give you worries of forfeiting other important furniture in your homes so you are assured that your home is arranged just as you want it to be.

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